The Way, the Truth, The Life Ministries was formed in January, 2015 with the goal of sharing Jesus transforming love, empowering prisoners to live in freedom.


Our Mission

To evangelize and disciple those in prison and walk alongside them as they transition as returning citizens to the flow of society. WTL will walk with the prisons through three stages: Prerelease, Reentry and Reintegration.

I have been involved in prison ministry for about 20 years. I have met so many young men that just need a chance to transform their lives and a second chance.
— Ron (Nuper) Nunnikhoven, President, NuMark Builders


  • WTL partners with Brothers in Blue which provides a cognitive, faith-based curriculum that prepares men for re-entry into the community. We help heal the heart wounds and restore men’s ability to make positive choices. We teach values from a Biblical point of view which are centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Check out Brothers in Blue on Facebook 

  • WTL incorporates “The Ultimate Journey” curriculum from Christ Life Ministries. This intense discipleship tool incorporates three phases of study. Ultimately, as they progress through these phases, prisoners will realize they have nothing to prove, nothing to fear and nothing to hide. They will eventually trade their self-identity for Christ’s identity in them.