Call Center Partnership

Posted April 20th, 2017

Managed Sales Pros is pleased to announce their support of a new program within the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

WTL Industries is a 501c organization that has been working with the men incarcerated at Fort Dodge for 2 years, helping them prepare for life outside of prison walls.  Their services include inside mentoring and counseling, a Christian based self-awareness program called “The Ultimate Journey”, inside as well as outside occupational training, placement assistance upon release, a potential job as a released inmate, mentoring of released inmates and reentry teams post release.  WTL programs are not mandatory, men who wish to participate can do so.  The programs are run and supported by volunteers in the community.


Finding a job after incarceration will be challenging – employers may not be willing to hire those who have served prison sentences, and those incarcerated have not been given opportunities to improve the skills they need to adapt to new technologies in the workplace.

Keeping a job after incarceration will be challenging if people who are serving longer sentences aren’t able to practice and improve upon the social skills required to interact successfully in the workplace.  Successful reintegration is highly contingent on adapting to new surroundings.


Larry Lubinus, pictured above, is the VP of WTL Industries and a volunteer both inside and outside the prison walls.  He has been championing this program.  Larry is well known in the IT Industry as a facilitator for the HTG Peer Groups.  He approached Managed Sales Pros after speaking with one of their IT clients and learning that Managed Sales Pros was successfully managing remote outbound calling teams.  His goals for this project include helping incarcerated men find spiritual peace as well as financial stability.  To his knowledge, this is the first program of its’ kind.

“This non-profit ministry offers a Christian based program that helps the men see their place in society as well as the work in the kingdom of our Lord,” shares Lubinus.  “We also offer men a chance to earn a good wage in the prison, and take that same job into the outside as the first job upon release, something that is not being done in any prison with this sort of non-profit ministry, as all profits from this effort are being utilized by the released inmates to assist them in reentering society.”

The goal of Managed Sales Pros partnering with WTL Industries and Fort Dodge Correctional Facility is to provide those who are incarcerated with the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to use common cloud-based business applications
  • Learn to interact in an office environment with their peers and with management
  • Develop and improve sales and customer service support skills.

Managed Sales Pros will be donating leadership and management time to help WTL build a pilot program for this institution.  As part of this commitment, Managed Sales Pros has consulted on starting and managing this outbound sales-focused call center, and is committed to providing ongoing support and training to the participants of the program.  If successful, Fort Dodge has the capacity to employ over 100 full-time agents!  Carrie Simpson, the CEO of Managed Sales Pros, chose to support WTL industries for both personal and professional reasons.

“I’m 13 years sober.  This means my life now looks a lot different than it did 14 years ago.  I’ve never been incarcerated, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have been.  I believe in second chances.  People can, and do change – but prison time and a prison record can severely limit someone’s choices for employment post release.  It is our hope that we can help WTL create highly skilled Sales Development Reps that will be in demand after their release!  Obviously, the reasons for supporting WTL aren’t entirely altruistic —  the benefit to Managed Sales Pros includes the first opportunity to hire from a constantly growing pool of fully trained and experienced SDRs!   How many other companies have talent available to them that is trained exactly to their requirements before they on-board them?  This initial investment in WTL Industries will give us an incredible competitive advantage long term!”

The first 90 days will be critical to the success and expansion of this program.  If you’d like to get involved, please email us at!  We have four full time callers available at a rate that is lower than you would pay to offshore your outbound calling services!  Managed Sales Pros is happy to use all four of them, but some project variety would help prove out the viability of the program.  In order to participate in this pilot, your program needs to be:

  • Simple (no more than three questions and a call to action).
  • Telephone only (no emails will be sent or received by the team, no landing pages, shared calendars or other web forms can be accessed by the team).
  • North American targets, English language only, business hours only, with a list provided by the client.
  • Business to Business only.
  • Not in direct competition with any current Managed Sales Pros client.

Not sure if your project is the right fit?  Email Managed Sales Pros specializes in technology, but we’ll accept other kinds of products and services for this program!

Other ways you can get involved:

If you don’t have aproject in mind, but you’d like to get involved, you can donate directly to WTL industries!  The program will have overhead, and this is a not-for-profit prison ministry staffed by volunteers.  Contact Larry Lubinus at ( or 515.368.0377) to help!  You can also donate on-line at their website (